Saturday, July 29, 2006


So Boulder had to have surgery yesterday. I take him in for what we all thought was a problem with his right TMJ. He had been having problems opening his mouth and seemed even less interested in food lately. Turns out the boy had a mouth full of impacted teeth, dead teeth and stuff the doctor couldn't even explain. All most likely from his joy of chewing and tug-o-war.

When we picked him up he was still half out of it from the anaesthesia and walking sideways. He pased out in the car with his head in the air, where's camera when you need it?

When we got him home he had to get up the first flight of stairs, before I could even attempt to help him he tried to barrel up them as usual. By the third step his heavy legs got behind him and he took a header. After that he appreciated the help.

For the rest of the night he prety much looked like this.

They sent us home with the pain killer tuberol which he had a good dose of post surgery, hopefully it works just as well. He did pass righ out after taking one with dinner. We need some peace and quiet for a couple of days.

Who needs kids? The upside is you can insure them.

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