Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Say What? Too Hot?

It's been a while, several years actually I think, but for the second day in a row it's been at or above 100 degrees out with nasty humidity. After last season I swore I was going to acclimate to this type of weather and not have to drop out of races b/c of it. So far I think I've done a good job, especialy after Granview Heights where I lost my only water bottle on lap 2 of 22. So to really test the weather I went ahead a did the D-ville ride last night. Apparently the weather scared alot of folks away, probably for good reason as there was a smaller than usual group of about 15 or so.

Last night was definitely not a typical Tuesday ride, the pace was more moderate (not sure of exact speed since I finally removed the useless Cateye computer from my bike) but there were times we were pushing it. So my point is, to what degree does training in such oppressive conditions benefit? Do my muscles adapt to less oxygen to be able to perform the same amount of work? And if so, how often and what length efforts? I kept my efforts on the front short, 10-15 seconds max but felt that was all I had to give before I went anaerobic, I felt like I was sucking air through a wet rag most of the time.

Tonight is suppose to be 'cross practice, but I keep hearing that's it's too hot. Really? Weather says with humidity it only feels like 107.

On the upside the yard is nice and brown, relieving me of my weekly obligation to waste an hour and a half of my life mowing. Although my basil and peppers don't seem to be enjoying it too much. They require more water than me to not wilt.

On another note, have I ever revealed the greatest endurance food ever created? There's nothing better on those long 5+ hour rides than the one and only...

The original!


Lej said...

I like to ride in the heat, but dehydration and the resulting free-radical damage takes weeks to recover from. Drink alot of water, and check body weight before and after. Then, shave your left leg and right arm only, run around your yard in a speedo, eat a brat and drink a beer. You then should be completely recovered.

Chris Harshman said...

See, it was the brat and beer I must have been missing. The speedo thing Gina makes me do every now and then anyway.