Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time Machine

So I've had an iPod since Christmas now and the thing holds like 10,000 songs, I think I have a couple hundred at most on there and struggle to think what I should add.

I go to iTunes every now and then to see if there's anything interesting. All I end up doing is finding stuff I haven't listened to or heard on the radio in decades. Sucks to say that at 31! But it does take me back. It's funny how music can invoke memories like it was yesterday.

I just wasted a good two hours on iTunes and I didn't buy a thing. The best song I came across that I considered buying was Godzilla by the BOC. But hey, where else can you buy a compilation album with Here Comes the Hotstepper (Ini Kamoze), Informer (Snow, remember, the white rapper/raggae guy?), Mr. Loverman (Shaba Ranks) and Sweat (Inner Circle). Don't even get me started on the 80's Hair Band compilation which seemed to overlap with the 80's Heavy Metal. Who would have thought Slaughter was a cross-over band?

I think I started out looking for Ska but like any good media parasite they only have the usual pop-culture friendly crap, whatever sells. Then it ticks me off when they lump bands into generas that aren't even close. Beside the hair-dos, were The Cure really punk? Enough to sit beside the likes of the Dead Kennedy's and the Ramones? Don't think so.

Hey Apple, try not having some 18 year old intern put together playlists of bands that broke up, go back together then broke up again before they were even born.

But hey, where else can I listen to a 30 second clip of Ohio Players' Love Rollercoaster?

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