Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Rather Simple Really...

The day your catabolic activity exceeds your anabolic activity is the day you start to die.

Pretty grim outlook, especially when you deal with the fine balance of tearing yourself apart only to try and rebuild it again with the hopes of being stronger. This season has been a harsh lesson in the results of either A) overtraining or B) not having a sufficient base to fall back on after periods of intense load.

Yesterday was the MABRA Age-graded criterium championships. I was looking forward to a strong performance (along with the other 30 or 35 guys who got pulled or popped from the race). It was total carnage. I've never been in a race that went that hard from the gun and never let up. Out of a field of maybe 45-50 riders, I think 12 finished.

Paul lit it up starting a 3 man break after the first turn. I think I was still getting clipped in to my pedals.

After Dan took the first watch up front, I was feeling strong and helped cover some early counter attacks.

After 3 laps or so the field was already widdled down significantly. Of course, who am I pulling up the hill?

Frick, Ramon and Super Dave. All three would eventually bridge to the break.

Gina got one in focus!

Sitting in to try and recover a bit wasn't a big help as gaps continued to open up all along the course, uphill, downhill, flat it didn't matter, there was much pain and suffering all over this course.

Mr. Prickett not really enjoying his first race back after a long break.

Paul still mixing it up as the break grew to 8 riders and stayed that way until a few laps to go when 3 broke away and caught the chase group.
Ramon still killin' it after winning the 40+ earlier in the day.

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