Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where have you been?

I've noticed recently that this Blog thing is on it's way out, and I'm not just talking about my own lack of posting. Regular Blogs I follow aren't that regular anymore, some are even retired. In this "gotta have it now" world we live in, Blogging is already outdated. It seems that if you're not on Facebook, Twitter or some other near instantaneous form of communication you're not really there at all. I can update my status on FB a couple of times a day in 3 or less sentences, post pics and communicate with friends, so why come here and write some long, drawn out post? Maybe because Blogging provides a bit more sense of permanace than the others, maybe I just feel the need to write something deeper than what I'm doing at that instant.

Anyway, 2008 is in the books. History is such a funny thing, at the beginning of the year, everyone is always so happy the prior year is behind them and is looking forward to the next. I never really understood that becasue a year from now they'll be saying the same thing, so what went wrong? Probably not looking back to see what made the year so bad in the first place and actually resolve to change. I think that's just human nature, we're just doomed to commit the same errors over and over not learning from our mistakes.

For me 2008 was mostly good. Priorities changed so the first step was simply accepting that change and moving on. Maddy had just come into our lives and Gina and I had no clue what we were doing so every day was a learning experience, both in how to be parents and watching her change and develop. On the flip side, the worst thing about 2008 was the loss of my grandfather. I also didn't do much racing, 'cross was a complete bust but it was nice spending weekends at home with the family for once. Conversely, I did however finally straighten out whatever was wrong with my back and leg, nothing a few months in the gym can't fix, just wish I'd tried that sooner. Now I'm back training and feel 100 times better on the bike than I have the past 2 years.

Work is sort of this inert aspect of my life that tends to serve more as a means to an end rather than a means of its own. Sometimes this is good and other times it's bad. I'd like more out of my job but I don't think I would have the quality of life I enjoy now if I did. This year may require a big descision with regards to work and where that will take me in my career but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I'm not one for spending too much time worrying about things in the future that aren't entirely in my control. Guess with the way things are going these days it's enough just to have a secure job.

Anyway, I'm going to resolve to be a bit better at keeping up with the the blog.