Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clean Slate

Things just haven't been right in the universe for quite some time now, and ignoring this fact I've trudged along not enjoying things the way I used to rather than working on setting things right. When you just don't feel good, nothing makes you happy and the things you used to enjoy just make you more frustrated with this reality. Fortunately there has been a bright spot through all of this in Maddy.

Cycling is one of those things I used to enjoy, but the past two years my body and mind just haven't been on the same path, more like opposite paths that are only getting farther apart. This past weekend was the start of the 'cross season pretty much everywhere across the country. From Oregon to Michigan to Maryland and up to New England, the most devoted 'crossers around broke from their summer shells and made a pilgrimage to the first race of the season. That is, all except me.

I couldn't even stomach the thought of going and just watching. Don't get me wrong, I could have raced, my heart and mind were there but the body is not which the first two can overcome, to a degree. I've decided it's time to try and fix things once and for all or hang up the bikes for good and join the masses hugging my couch for hours on end each weekend watching football or golf.

Fall hasn't come soon enough to cast a long shadow on what will hopefully be history once and for all. Depending on how things progress, I'll hit a few races later in the season when it's cold and miserable outside and ripe for good 'cross conditions. But until then, I've got other plans.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What's This Thing?

Maddy and I were playing today so while she was standing on me I grabbed the camera to try and get some action shots. It's hard because she always stops to pose whenever we pull the camera or camcorder out. How does she know? This was obviously the first as she is staring at it wondering if it's a new toy.

The camera strap became a chew toy.
Trying not to shoot with the flash on, I forgot I had set the manual settings to B&W last week but some good shots. The second is my favorite although it's a bit out of focus. Hard to manually focus with an 8 1/2 month old crawling on you and pawing at the camera.

One of manual setting has the F Stop set at 6 seconds so there were some interesting results ike this one.