Friday, August 11, 2006

Picture Time

Well, after about 4 months I finally got around to posting the entire season's (to date) worth of photos to an FTP server. Gina has done a great job this season of snapping cool photos of the Water Boys in action around the Mid-Atlantic.

Here's the link, but email me first for the username/password so I don't have to worry about who's accessing them. They're all downloadable. Best bet is to use Internet Exploder, I mean Explorer since it acts pretty much like your windows browser when connecting to FTP sites, the only thing you can't do is view thumbnails, so if you want to find yourself you'll have to look an 'em all. You can copy and paste files or directories.

There's close to 1200 photos broken out by race then Category, mostly Cat 4 and Masters 30+.
Look for more soon from this weekend's Tour de Christiana followed by the MABRA age graded Criterium champs the following weekend.


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