Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I can't stop eating.

Since Sunday's ride, I've had this insatiable appetite. I almost bonked last night on a recovery ride, good thing I had a Cliff bar with me.

Pasta, rice, chicken, protein shakes, chocolate covered anything...nothing seems to satisfy. I haven't been putting in alot of miles but something has me starving. This morning I ate a huge pile of wheat pancakes, it was like they were air or something. It's not like I get hungry, I go from not wanting to food to full on hypoglycemia.

To add to it all, everyone in the house but me has some sort of alergy condition going on. It's like I'm living with the plague and just waiting for something to happen to me.

On the upside, the weather has finally started to come back to reality a bit, atleast with regards to the humidity. Arch, Rob and I rode around EC last night and it was so nice out, of course we dind't get out until after 6. I didn't get home until 8:30, that's the latest I've been out on a ride in a long time, definitely since getting married. We ran into Chip on the Hanover loop and rode for a while.

I just bought new road shoes, these pimp silver Nike Lance carbon soled bling with the Texas and World Champ colors on the straps. I would have never bought them but in Nike's attempt to rule the world, they only made the Lance model with the one piece heel cup-buckle system that skinny ankled cyclists like me need to keep our shoes from slipping off while riding. I picked them up at Bike Doctor in Crofton on Saturday, they are a great sponsor shop. They have a 30 day ride policy on most stuff like shoes and saddles. That rocks because you can't magine how frustrating it is to buy a saddle or pair of shoes praying it actually fits you when you're on the bike.

Ok, I was gonna post pics but the upload keeps failing.

A little something for your viewing pleasure....

Apparently I can't edit the HTML either or I would have embedded this for you.


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Lej said...

Drink more beer and coffee. That might kill the worm!