Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm Back

Always said I was never good at this blogging thing. First post since February...

Since then the road season has pretty much come and gone and working on transitioning to 'cross season. To help work on that fitness I rolled up to Fair Hill this past Sunday for my forst mountain bike race in 4 years, ma how time flies.

I decided to sandbag and race sport class. After getting stung with 6 miles to go and feeling horrible I managed to take 3rd. Not bad for the first race back.

The summer has kind of flown by, guess that's why I don't notice the gaps in blogging, even Gina gets on me to blog. Anyway, here are some photos to kind of cover March through July.

Holly"wood" taking in the view while at a spring training game in Florida. This was pretty much her seat for the entire time we were at Disney, pretty good cross-training. Then there was the glutony of the Ghirardelli chocolate shop, yeah I ate the whole sundae.

A blistery, cold day racing in Strasburg, PA. Sitting on James "Gortex" Prickett's wheel, he makes a nice wind stop.

Baker Park crit in Frederick. Fun race, nice course.

This is my friend Rhys crushing it on the front of the Bike Jam race. Rhys came to us from jolly old England by way of the Queen's army on a learning expedition at Shock Trauma. Unfortunately he left us at the end of June to head back across the pond.

Other than that, nothing much else is happening, we just spent some time at Gina's parent's place in Rehoboth last week. Finally found a place Gina can ride her bike without complaining.

Everyone keeps asking about when we're going to have kids, I just keep saying that we're still practicing and that the dogs wouldn't approve anyway.


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