Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pound Sand - Part 2

Now that I've had several hours to digest the days events, I need to continue on. Rather than berate the UCI and WADA even more, well just a little more won't hurt, how 'bout a solution.

Based on the comments from most of the cycling heads of state about their assault on doping,

"The fight against doping is a never ending combat, a true trench war. But we're ready to fight it, because if we didn't, the culture of doping would win, and not the culture of sport." - Christian Prudhomme TdF race director

We're not going to see an end to the unfair treatment of cyclists, even if they are doping any time soon. It's fair to say that the mere presence of ones name in the media associated with doping is a death sentence, regardless of guilt or innocence.

I propose the following, as a way to respect the athlete and preserve anti-doping controls:

Any suspected doping allegation must be kept confidential between the UCI, WADA (or whatever laboratory performed the testing) the cyclist being "Alleged" and the team director and brought before the CAS (Court of Arbitration of Sport) before any action is taken. Should any party not associated with the cyclist or under direct consent of the cyclist leak the allegations to the media, the case will be immediately dismissed and the case dropped. Regardless of 'B' samples and even 'C' samples, dropped. This is the only way to balance the lopsided hand that is being played. If the evidence is there, justice will be served, if not the rider's name and reputation is not defamed as well as that of the team and sponsors.

As for Landis, I think someone overheard a conversation between Pat McQuaid and Dick Pound and something about throwing him in the water to see if he floats.

You didn't hear it here.


Lej said...

Any time money is involved, folks will do strange things. The seed of evil has always been money and power. I'm broke, and am lacking power. I ride for many of the same reasons you do.

I hopr the "B" is negative......but I still have scars from Hamilton.

Chris Harshman said...
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Chris Harshman said...

I have to have faith there is one clean rider out there and that's it's Landis. It's too convenient, testing for testosterone levels is like saying it's going to rain b/c the wind is blowing.

There a hundreds of reasons why those levels get elevated, but they presume from the test that it can only be from anabolic steroid use, not exactly a real performance enhancing drug for endurance athletes.

Tyler does suck though.

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