Friday, July 21, 2006

More Water Please

So I don't know if it's the weather or my poor hydration, but recovering from rides lately is getting longer and longer it seems. I try to lay off the coffee but it just doesn't work, I need my cup-a-joe. I can go for about a day or 2 before the headaches start, even tried half decaf.

Ok, this is pretty funny, I think it explains alot...

It's also getting to be that time, preparation for 'cross season. I can't wait, instead of busty our butts to get up the beltway for practice, us EC locals are starting our own at Rockburn on Wednesdays. Aside from the 45 minutes of straight LT work, I need to start running. Time to get ready for the "Ampitheater of Pain". This is handsdown the hardest run-up on the MAC course circuit in my opinion. After 2 laps you're just like, ok, where's the elevator? Second is the wall at Granouge where you're grabbing at grass and whatever else is firmly rooted in the 6 inches of mud to help pull yourself up.

I kind of have high hopes for the season, I should be carrying some good fitness going in, much better than last season.

Gina and I have been kicking around the idea of getting an RV. It would just make traveling to races so much nicer, especially during 'cross season when you just want a nice warm place to recover. It would also allow us to take the dogs, Boulder would love 'cross, he's already an avvid beer drinker and he loves chasing bike. Unfortunately we just haven't committed to it yet. I kinda feel like we would have to drive around blasting 'Winnebago Warrior' by the Dead Kennedy's though.

"Hey, is that Guiness?"

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