Monday, February 27, 2006

Breaking the Cycle

No Pun Intended...

So the past couple of weekends have gone like this, get up early Saturday morning to head off and ride my bike for 3+ hours with the team, come home, eat, veg out, eat, go to bed. Sunday, sleep in until about 9, head down to the coffee shop in EC, then head to and go home to work on the never ending laundry list of projects.

Atleast the past 2 Saturdays have seen a change of scenery with the trips out west to get in some intensity training, what like D-ville isn't intense? Only to make this ride I have to get up even earlier, earlier than I do to go to work.

This weekend was no different, however a small success in getting the family room so close to completion that only Bob Vila would notice the gaps between the floor and the baseboard moulding. Hell, the office now has a ceiling light for the first time in over a year, now that's progress.

This weekend will be completely different, we're heading to Disney for the weekend with Gina's sister Gail, her husband Brian and the 3 nieces. I'm looking forward to the trip since I've never been there, but I can't help to feel 4 full days in Orlando is about 3 days too many for me, atleast without a bike. Already I'm feeling guilty knowing I'm not going to ride this weekend. Even worse is knowing I'm going to miss another hard workout on Sunday. Trust me I've checked and none of the local shops rent bikes, atleast decent road bikes. Is it work boxing up the fixie and shipping FedEx to get a ride in? Don't tempt me.

Just saying that makes me think how oddly sadistic a sport like cycling is. To say you will miss making a hard workout doing 10 minute long hill repeats because you'll be getting your photo taken with Mickey and Goofey while getting a nice pre-season tan leaves me to wonder about my own mental status. Don't get me wrong, I like vacations, but I like my bike even more. Unfortuantely Gina doesn't see it that way. She could sit on a beach for weeks doing nothing and be perfectly content. I'm pulling my hair out after 10 minutes. Vacations with bikes, now that's a vacation. To just go somewhere and cruise around casually, actually enjoying the scenery and the freedom of riding a bike, that's a vacation from training.

I'll try to post something from Orlando, I'm sure there'll be plenty of pictures.


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Lej said...

Next week I'll bring my camera and we will get you some pix for this thing....

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