Saturday, January 06, 2007

Something to Gnaw On

Is global warming real you ask? Just step outside jackass and tell me the last time it was 75 degrees in Baltimore on January 6th. While we're all outside enjoying this freakish weather, think about this...

A 41 mile long piece of the polar ice cap just broke away. The entire coast line of Rhode Island is only 40 miles. Fuck warring over oil, along with all of the pollution contaminating our fresh water supplies, as stupid as the movie Water World was (remember that gem? Kevin Costner the flipper action-hero), that shit is about to become reality. It's already started, states like Colorado stemming the flow of water to the desert, Oh No! The Belagio can't have the most awesome water display in Vegas. And Canada wanting to stem the flow of fresh water into the U.S. while the poor Japanese want to send barges to the arctic to bring back chunks of ice for fresh water.

The thing I hate the most is feeling so helpless to do anything about it. Yes, there are grassroots efforts to save the environment, I contribute every year to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, but they're kept in check by the big money only be allowed to make a good showing while not stifling the economy. The amazing thing is, the Bush administration and the brain donors put in charge at the EPA (former CEO of a big Chemical polluter, I mean company) have found a way for businesses to make money off of polluting by selling, uhm "trading" their carbon emissions units to companies who need to pollute more than their allocated lot of C02. Brilliant!

I'd better stop because I'm going start rambling, but you get the point.

Anyway, one last thing to contemplate before jumping on your bike for a long ride, Maryland has 10 times the carcinogenic toxins found in the air than is deemed safe by the EPA, and we know they're not setting the bar very high to begin with. And don't think you're safe because you live out in Garrett county or some other remote neck of the woods because that's for all 23 counties in the state.

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