Friday, January 12, 2007

Death of a Salesman

No this post isn't about Willy Loman and it's taken like 2 days to finish as I'm so spent and am stuck between time zones.

I returned from our sales conference in San Diego and I feel like hell. I slept like a rock Thursday night and then proceeded to sleep most of Friday afternoon. This is the second one of these little shindigs I've attended since entering the sales profession. The first was with my former company 2 years ago, they held it in Baltimore, you can imagine the excitement? This year was definitely different. In most part because of the culture this company has. It's amazing the difference there is between working for a fortune 50 company with 120,000 employees and one that is privately held with less than a 1,000.

An important fact about sales people, they drink, ALOT. I guess it just comes with the territory. How else are you expected to get a customer to cough up their money to you? And seeing as they play golf, who wouldn't hit the bottle after chasing a little ball around for hours, that you hit? Being that my employer is based in St. Louis, well you get the picture. These guys like to party, can you say Bloody Marys at 8:30am during the keynote speaker?

I managed to muster up one good night of over indulgence. Imagine 100 sales people descending upon a single bar with an open tab. Maker's Mark and Ginger Ale or 7&7 was the poison of choice. I find it easier to pace myself with the hard stuff and the hangover isn't as bad, no worrying about the cleanliness of a bar's tap lines.

Fortunately Wednesday was a rest day of sorts. Some people went off to a golf outing while the rest of us were free to roam San Diego as we pleased. A group of us chose to hit the zoo. After the best meal of chicken enchiladas at a restaurant in the museum at Balboa Park we made our way into the zoo which I've been told is one of the best in the country. The zoo is nice, but confusing as hell. I don't know how many times we went through the monkey exhibit. Unfortunately most of the animals must not have been happy with the weather and refused to go outside, that or they're Union.

On Thursday Gina found a pair of Boxers running around our neighborhood, she ended up taking them to animal control which is right up the street. When we got up Friday she called to see if anyone had called about them. Since no one had called, we decided to go over and visit them. They were more than happy to have someone to play with. Fortunately while we were in the room playing with them, the owner walked in and saw us. He just moved to the area and when he let them out they took off on him. Too bad, I think Boulder would have loved a new brother and sister.
Last night Gina, Chip and I had dinner and went to see Children of Men. An ok flick, I knew what to expect but I was looking for a bit more closure on the ending. British trying to be melodramatic. The best part of the movie was the camera work.

I managed to drag my ass out of bed this morning and head down to Davidsonville. I was hoping the weather would dampen everyone's mood to push the pace, no luck. The group was shattered after the first 45 minutes. My week of sloth and gluttony was definitely dragging me down although I managed to hang on. Right now I have the biggest dehydration headache, need water.

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best cure for a hangover ever!