Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I truly believe that sometimes things happen for a reason and that events in our life are governed by something outside of our control. Some call it fate, others their faith. I'm not going into the details of personal beliefs here.

Now to my point. My last post I went on about the eventual demise of our civilization at our own hands for the sake of profit. When I posted that I had a bunch of unread emails sitting in my inbox. Several of them from my friend Arch. Arch is a wise man but he usually sends me jokes and the like so I didn't open his email until tonight, and for what reason I don't know (maybe that I'm bored out of my mind sitting in a hotel room), but I almost shit myself when I went to the link he had forwarded in the email.

I'm not promoting this or have even bought into it myself as I haven't yet read the entire site. All I'm saying is, is this just a coincidence?


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