Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Another Fad

The past couple of weeks I've noticed a shift in the Blog-o-Sphere, people are beginning to abandon this pseudo-anonymous world of self delineation in the online universe. I don't read alot of blogs, I have a handful of interesting ones maintained by people who I find interesting and with whom I share similar interests. But I've noticed lately that out of that handful, maybe 5 or 6 regulars, one has abandoned blogging all together and taken down their site and another has simply stopped posting. The remainder don't seem to update as often and have either 1) lost lost interest, 2) finally realized they have less time to post, 3) there is actually nothing blog worthy going on in their lives, or 4) a combination of all three.

Personally, I fall into #3. As I sit here, I realize that a week has passed since I last posted and there was nothing all that interesting to post. Sure, there were things that happened this week that were relevant and will have a long term impact on my life, but it's not something I would share here. Some things are just too personal. I don't know who, if anyone even reads this blog and really I don't even care. I post what I want when I feel like it and that's that. Blogging is a love it or leave it deal in my opinion, this place is for me, not you and I'll do with it as I like.

Time to go ride.


Chris said...

dang it! i want some pictures of chocolate chip pancakes!!! 8-)

Chris Harshman said...

maybe tomorrow, gotta big ride planned