Thursday, January 18, 2007

4 Degrees

Right now that's the difference between being freezing and 40 degrees outside, the latter being more mentally motivating to go out and ride in. As I sit here dressed for the first time since probably last March in leg warmers and a heavy winter jacket staring out the window at the last few remaining leaves shaking on the tree limbs in the steady breeze, I glance down at a fresh pound of coffee beans just ripe for brewing and imagine just kicking back with another hot cup of coffee and enjoying a "slow" day.

This is where that motivation comes into play. I have yet to sit down and make my plan for the season and set my goals as alot of people are doing this time of year. I told myself at the end of 'cross that I would just ride for a month or so and just enjoy the bike, free of structured workouts and training goals. What I've found in that time is that I crave that structure and I miss it because my riding has purpose and I can expect results, but I have to step back and remember there is plenty of time for that and to just enjoy riding for the sake of riding. I think we forget that sometimes and that's when we burn out.

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