Thursday, February 08, 2007

When Hell Freezes Over

That's how I feel about the trainer, but damn it's 22 degrees and with the help of these 25mph winds the windchill makes it feel like 6. I can suffer but that's just insane. Hey Mike, you still communitng to work? To make things worse, Boulder has cabin fever. He's all wound up and the slightest sounds get him all out of sorts. Everytime the winds blows he thinks someone is outside and he runs around like maniac trying to find them. Then he wants outside and whines until I let him where he then quickly realizes no one is there and it's way too cold for him so he wants back in. The downside of working from home.

I've had to resign myself to the trainer this week, the trainer is actually a great workout, it's consistent, it's warm and you control the tempo of your workout, but alas it's so freakin' boring. I've heard stories of John Stamstad riding the trainer for 8 hours straight doing nothing but staring at a cinder block wall, it was his way of developing mental toughness. I guess that's how you win the Iditarod/Iditasport 8 years straight. No thanks. Even with an extensive movie collection and Boulder keeping me company I can't do it anymore, maybe I'm too spoiled with these extra long falls and short winters that even a week indoors is too much.
I can't wait for Saturday though, a group of us are heading out around Frederick to get some climbing in, tired of these flat Davidsonville rides. But first I need to put new cables on the road bike. I looked into the little gear indicator window on the cable housing and could see the cables were frayed and rusted, nice.

Since I grew up in the area I lead these rides and think up the routes, there are so many roads with little traffic it's hard to decide on a direction, but it's pretty much just up and down various spots on the Appalachian mountains. I enjoy putting these routes toghether, it's almost a cruel hobby. Here's the route profile for the weekend. I did promise the group no dirt roads this time, we'll see.

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