Monday, February 26, 2007

Call Me Shorty

So yesterday evening started out like any other evening. Around 4:30-5, the dogs begin acting goofy as their blood sugar drops and they realize it's feeding time. Usually Riley is the first to eat, it take me longer to scoop the food into her bowl than it does for her to eat it. After Boulder eats they both go outside to take care of business.

Here's where the evening went totally downhill. As the dogs scamper out the garage door I close it behind them, usually only with enough force so it shuts but doesn't latch. That way when they want to come in they can just push the door open and hang out in the garage until I get to them. As I closed the door, I thought both dogs were out. Well, apparently unknowing to both myself and Riley, the tip of her tail got caught in the door as it closed. She didn't yelp, or cry, just went on out about her business. When I went to let Boulder in, Riley was no where to be found, it was dark so I figured she was still milling around the yard somewhere. Then I go up to the kitchen where I see her sitting outside the door to the deck. I figure something must be wrong because she never climbs the stairs to the deck. As I look down, I can see blood in the snow. I let her into the garage not realizing the extent of the damage, tail wagging spraying blood everywhere, including all over me. The garage now looks like the opening sceenes from an episode of CSI.

I took one look at her tail and knew it was bad, it took the tip, which is nothing more than skin and hair, almost completely off and the bone was sticking out. I left her there to go find bandages and guaze. After searching the house all I could come up with were some gauze pads so I wrapped her tail in them and finished it off with some packing tape. McGyver would have been proud.
Gina got home and we loaded her up in Special Sauce and headed out to the vet. Let me tell you, DO NOT get your dogs tail caught in a door, it's not cheap. They patched her up and gave her some drugs but she went back this morning to have the tip of her tail removed.

Riley says these drugs are awesome.

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