Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just One Fix

So it's been a week since I caught the cold from hell. This one seemed benign until Friday night when my head filled up and the splitting headache from sinus pressure began. This headache lasted until Sunday night, subsiding only after sleeping all day and after consuming a pharmacy's worth of off the shelf drugs that couldn't make a dent in it. Sleeping wasn't really a choice as by Sunday morning the pain was so bad I couldn't keep my eyes open for more than 2 minutes. It's amazing though how your body takes advantage of sleep to repair itself.

Now I'm left in a haze, food and drink doesn't taste the same and I feel like I'm the only one left to clean up the house the morning after a hard night of partying. The good news is I'm 2lbs closer to my target racing weight, bad news is by body feels so atrophied I can barely walk up the stairs without feeling the burn let alone think about when I might ride again.

I did get a notification my new E-motion rollers have shipped. I'm excited to start using rollers instead of a trainer, I've always been scared to use them as I can defintely have a lack of concentration when on the trainer, but these look pretty error proof.

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Chris said...

You missed some incredible trail conditions Friday - Monday. Avalon turned into Slickrock with trees. It was cool. Colds suck.