Thursday, October 12, 2006

Someone Listened

I listen to NPR radio almost every day in the car, I think that was the first sign I was "getting old". On the way back from grabbing coffee I was listening to an interesting piece and decided to visit the NPR website (for the first time coincidentally) to see if there was a live stream of the show when I stumbled upon this story.

I posted not too long ago about one of my all time favorite bands, Bad Brains. After being "Banned in D.C." the group took up a second home in NYC at the world famous CBGB club. The Peoria of punk music if you will.

Well, soon like the original 9:30 club in D.C., so too will CBGB be closing their doors. Unfotuantely I didn't keep up and missed three shows this week as Bad Brains reunited to come out and show their love for the club. Hopefully after three sold out shows they'll realize how much their fans miss them and start playing together again.

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