Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello from Beer town

I'm sitting here in the Dreary, uhm Drury hotel outside St. Louis watching CSI New York. That's about it, the Cards are in New York so there's not even that going for me. Did have a nice dinner at Kobe hanging out with work folk I've never meet. Nothing like getting you eyebrows and eyelashes scorched at the hibachi. Ate some surf and turf and threw back a few Fat Tire ales. I remember when you couldn't get it east of the Mississippi so I would bring home 6 packs from trips whenever I was somewhere that sold it.

Anyway, looks like I'll be going into the double MAC weekend with 6 days of no riding. Should be interesting. Atleast the carbo loading is in full effect, need to work more on the hydration rather than the dehydration though.


MRussell said...

Good Luck this weekend at the MAC races.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Hydrate shmydrate!

This weekend's going to rock!