Monday, October 30, 2006

The Morning Buzz

I'll readily admit I'm addicted to coffee (well caffeine that is). I've tried quiting, but why? I'm not a quiter! My only hang-up is the hassle of making it and all of the coffee maker parts that need to be cleaned. Here's where espresso comes in handy. With espresso I can get my entire morning pot of caffeine in a convenient 4 oz. serving with little to no effort.

It's actually amazing that espresso is so popular in Europe, since there in lies the paradox. The brevity of consuming a cup of espresso belies the centuries old virtue of the slow and easy going lifestyle engrained in most European cultures.

Espresso is much more suited to an American way of life, run here, run there, no time to sit down and enjoy consuming an entire 16 oz. cup of Joe, I need my caffeine NOW!

Anyway, here's to espresso, making the American worker even that much more efficient.

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