Sunday, April 06, 2008

Run Down

For the record, the month of March officially sucked ass. The picture says it all, the entire house was sick, even Boulder was sick. I didn't bother putting his stuff up because it was actually quite a chore since he required additional fluids with his anibiotic to prevent kidney failure so we were pumping him full of fluid though an IV each night for a week. Afterwards he looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame.
After Maddy infected me with her cold following her first week she was in daycare, a week or so later she then contracted Pink Eye which she then gave that to Gina while my cold festered into a sinus infection which was settling nicely in my chest to make matters worse. This was all a few days before my first race of the season. I figured a trip to the Dr., some antibiotics and a few days rest would get me back on my feet for Kirkwood. Nope. I just wasn't meant to race in March, or at least race well.

Yesterday was our race, The Tour of Walkersville. The race gods were smiling on us as the forecast of early rain and cooler temps were replaced with a warm, sunny and clear day albeit with some strong wind. I got a few decent rides in during the week, one on the road and two off road, even with all of the coughing and congestion, breathing hadn't seemed to be a problem so I was feeling confident of at least finishing the 30/40+ Master's race. No dice. First three laps were spent on the front either chasing breaks or trying to get in one. There was a big one forming at the end of the third lap and I busted my ass to get myself onto the tail end of it but it was my undoing. As we made the first turn the field strung out single file into the wind and I was gassed. Too many early efforts and some atrophied lungs made for a short race. I woke up this morning feeling pretty run down and after seeing that yesterday's forecast on tap for today I bagged driving to Virginia for the Tyson's Corner crit. The thought of racing in the cool, wet weather only made my lungs shrink into my chest even more. Minus a few days between the cold and the sinus infection, I've pretty much been sick for a month straight now.

I'll try to get some good training in this week as I'm looking forward to racing Fairhill on Sunday. Hopefully my new fork will be here in time to put on the SS, although racing FH on the rigid fork wouldn't be too bad, but after my Granogue experience last year, I'd much prefer the suspension.

The Bug...

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