Monday, December 17, 2007

We're Still Alive, I Think

Maddy and Gina came home yesterday from the hospital. I have to say this was probably the scariest part of the entire experience, not just traveling in the car with her for the first time but also that we were now officially on our own as responsible parents. We gave this outfit to our good friends Thomas and Ann when their son James was born and they gave it back to us for Maddy so I thought it was appropriate to bring her home in it.

Last night was rough, more so for Gina since Maddy hasn't quite found a rhythm when it comes to feeding. I think she was up every hour from 11:30 on. She falls asleep while eating then wakes up and either realizes she's still hungry, or that she has completely blown out a diaper. This morning was her first Dr.'s appointment, already.

Boulder is so excited he can't contain himself. After several hours of letting him sniff her out he was finally able to get up close and check her out. She's so small compared to him.


Lej said...


Cheryl M said...

Congratulations, she's beautiful.

I think I got 45 minutes of sleep the first night Porter was home. The good news is it gets better quickly, hang in there.

And remember, when you're feeling particularly inept....Michael Jackson & Britney Spears have not managed to kill their offspring. You'll be just fine!

mike said...

"Michael Jackson & Britney Spears have not managed to kill their offspring"


congratulations! but, i feel constrained to point out that you've done this poor little girl no favors by spawning her so close to xmas; she's going to spend her life getting gypped by people who think it's okay to combine presents. (having a sister born on december 15th and being exactly the kind of cheap bastid i'm talking about, i speak from experience.)

danisteg said...

Congratulations on your new little girl Chris! Im so happy for you and your family.