Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride

I can't say that going without a full night's sleep going on a week and a half straight now is anyway to live, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Maddy is a trip, except for the fact that her theme song is Up All Night (Sleep All Day), preferably the Slaughter version, remember those guys? or at least their hair? What parents wouldn't want a newborn that sleeps all day right? Not when there's hell to pay when the sun goes down.
We're starting to get into a groove with her, thanks to Melanie and her book of wisdom. The past few days were busy for us and we're all pretty wore out. Christmas started Sunday with Gina's brother, sister-in-law and mother coming down. Monday was my family. Maddy made out in her first Christmas, money, clothes, toys, what else could a girl want? Oh yeah, how about a Harley? Compliments of uncle Paul.
So I knew it had to happen, and it probably would have taken a bit longer if it weren't Christmas, but out came the pink. This girl already has more clothes than Gina and I combined and more pink clothes than Gina has owned in her lifetime.

I'm not sure about all babies, but Maddy loves the water. We gave her a bath Friday night and she loved it, especially getting her hair washed, she would arch her head back trying to get further under. Baths go great until they're over and she realizes she's cold.

Boulder still thinks she's a special toy he's not allowed to play with yet, but he's getting used to her. He still insists on getting as close as possible.
I am looking forward to some long rides this weekend, unfortunately the trails will probably be a no go with all of the rain and temps not cold enough to freeze the ground. Time to get out the fixie and rack up some long miles.

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