Monday, November 12, 2007

Will Work for Lunch Money

Life is all about give and take, and as I've quickly found out, with a kid on the way it's mostly all give. I've been working to get the room ready but also trying to get some cross races in but as the due date closes in, the room needs to get done. This didn't prevent me from registering for Sunday's race though so I needed to show some progress on the room.

Friday morning I stopped by the Home Depot after therapy to pick up a floor nailer. After a second trip to HD and a third to Lowes I finally got started on the laying the floor.

Want to blow an hour of therapy on your lower back? Lay floor for 4 hours. Boulder inspecting my work and trying to figure out what's going on in his old room.

A few more hours of hammering and cutting Saturday morning and it was finally done. Now I can race Sunday.
I woke up Sunday morning and could barely get out of bed my legs and back were so stiff from laying the floor, but the race was close which meant we could sleep in and take our time getting out the door.

When is a cross race not a cross race? Before pre-riding the course, Nystrom informed me there were no barriers and no forced dismounts, what? So basically it's a grass crit except for one short section of loose, off-camber turns. Not what I was looking forward to, I just don't have the steady power right now to contend a course like this. Although much of the 'cross competition was in Jersey for HPCX, Steve Fife, Taylor Jones, Rob Campbell and Trevor Shattuck were there. I figured the race was Jone's to lose after finishing behind Langley at DCCX.
The five of us stayed together the first lap and a half or so but then things started to break up. For the next 35 minutes I basically rode solo chasing Steve. The legs were heavy and sore and the long power sections just wore me down. After a few laps I realized I didn't have the energy to chase Steve so I just rode my race and had fun on a fast but otherwise boring course.
I picked up the last podium spot a some lunch money for my effort.

Another typical Sunday night, watch some football, drink some beer and put together some baby stuff.

Boulder decided this was just too much for one weekend and needed a beer, he highly recommends the Corsendonk Brown Ale.

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Chris said...

With a couple of dismounts I would really like this course. It just needed a couple more technical elements to provide some balance.

It was still a huge improvement from 2 years ago.

Speaking of is all about balance these days. For me, I'm just enjoying getting out and racing. I don't have time to stress about not training enough or sleeping enough.

It's actually taken that pressure off and I'm just riding and racing...having fun. I think it's working out better than stressing about all the details of bike racing.

Oh, and 1 beer per night helps too!