Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Report

It was another weekend of riding and working on the baby's room. I couldn't make the trip to Jersey for the USGP so I took up the invite from Matt Brancheau of LSV to come help preview the Rockburn course along with Nystrom and a few other non-LSV'ers from the 'cross community. After a few pre-rides we did some hot laps to get estimated lap times and distances. A few modifications later, I think the course is going to be really fast and fairly technical, that's all I'll say so you'll have to register and come find out for yourself. It should be a good last minute tune up for Nationals.

Today was more work. With the floor down I could finally tackle the wall paneling. I needed to get this done before all of the wood I bought warped beyond usable while sitting in the garage. I've been struggling with the math to get the panel widths on the two opposite walls as close as possible. I worked on the shorter wall today and thought I had it all worked out until I went to nail up the last rail and the gap was slightly wider than the rest. Oh well, it's not that noticeable, I doubt the baby will care.

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