Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Reality of My (Future) Surroundings

So I was out at my parents a couple weekends ago and my mom was nice enough to give me a gift. At first I was somewhat confused, but then as I held it up in front of me, I actually became somewhat nauseous and disoriented by the thoughts running through my head. Come December I will be getting alot more familiar with something squirming around inside of it.
Gina had a sonogram appointment today so we were down a the hospital bright and early. It's somewhat unnerving having to go to all of these Dr.'s appointments, you're always worried you're going to find out something's wrong. Everything was fine though, although the spud was a bit uncooperative in posing for some of the pictures they needed. At the beginning the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby as they should be able to tell by now. We said no and she said she wanted to make as to not accidentally spoil it by saying something but I admit I was looking pretty hard to see if I could tell. I'm not positive, but I think it may be a girl, at least that's my prediction.

After the appointment we had lunch in Fell's Point at Cooper's Tavern. I haven't been there since I was single. As we were eating, Gina pointed out this SUV with vanity plates. There are somethings in this world I just don't understand and one of those is vanity plates that have no meaning to anyone except the driver. Really, what's the point? This one kind of stumped me though. So what, is this person dedicating their suburban yuppie symbol of excess, waste and environmental destruction to God? Or are they just thanking him for making it possible for them to afford such nonsense?

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