Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back in Business

So I've been without my PowerTap for almost two months now, amazing how fast the summer has gone by. I sent it back a week and a half ago, it was delivered this past Monday and I got it back from Saris yesterday. Not sure what they did to fix the problem as I never knew if it was the hub, the computer or the wiring harness. They probably swapped the internals of the hub but on top of that, they replaced the cassette body and bearings, new plastic hub cover, all new head unit and wiring harness and even sent me another chest strap along with more zip ties than I could ever find things to mount on the bike with. Now that's service. I'm really surprised and delighted to have had such an experience from a company in the bike industry. It just seems like service has really gone down hill over the past few years. Maybe I'm just a bit jaded after my string of bad luck with the Surly stuff and my all too ridiculous experience with my Gary Fisher frame and one Light Street Bicycles in Baltimore.

So over the past month I've been on the Ned Overend "listen to your body" approach to my training plan since every other cycling computer I own has taken a dump as well, it seems like I have to send my Polar HR monitor back every six months just to get the damn battery changed. It's been ok so far, after three hard weeks my legs are cooked. It will be interesting to get the power numbers and see if I gained or lost fitness. Not that it matters much, I pretty much still can't push the hard efforts with my left leg. The fall on my hip way back at 'cross nats must have been worse than I thought. Off to see Dr. Collins again.

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