Friday, May 04, 2007

Wish You Were Here

I've had that song stuck in my head for a while now, it's probably my favorite Pink Floyd song and it's not even on my iPod. That song evokes alot of memories, good and bad. It's amazing how the mind and body work sometimes, how a sound or smell can conjure up memories and experiences that are years old and thought to be forgotten but are brought back in an instant like it just happened . Not to get all Timothy Leary on ya, but I think the mind is too complex for us to ever comprehend on a conscious level.

It's already May, that means only one thing, Poolesville. The race from hell. This race is my nemesis, my sworn enemy. I remember February like it was yesterday, after getting sick and telling myself I still had over 2 months to get ready for this race. So much for that. I never do well at Poolesville, it's a pure race of attrition but like most cyclists, I'm a glutton for punishment and continue to offer up my entry fee year in and year out. Two years ago when I was feeling really fit I had the wild hair up my ass to register for two races. The first race I blew up pulling back a strong early break and got dropped for my effort, the second race I flatted out on the second lap. Thanks for playing, and your $50.

Whatever, the racing isn't as important this year, it's purely about having fun and learning more about myself and my body in the process. Last year was rough and the start of this year seems to be a bit better but lately I can feel my toes dangling over the slippery edge of that downward spiral I was in last year. Although, I think I seem to have identified my problem and have made some corrections in training and life management in general.

Life truly is about balance, the things you enjoy and the things you just have to do to get by, I've found that too much of one makes you despise the other.

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Chris said...

As I recall I was in that early break that you pulled back...and it was a good break...lotta horsepower & we were working well together. If you'd jumped into the initial move I think we would have stayed away.

Not long after you pulled us back an innocent looking counter gently rolled off the front and stayed away, because everyone was so cooked from the early effort.

Man, that was a fun race...probably the only road race that I really miss.

Good luck! With a little luck you can do well there.