Thursday, May 31, 2007


Nothing of much interest to report hence the lack of posts lately. The only major news is we have now taken to calling Boulder Tripod. Yeah, that would be funny if he were two legged to start out, but unfortuantely it's not the case. The maniac has been hobbling around on three legs for the past couple of weeks. It started out as a limp and he didn't want to bear weight on it, but now he's full on flamingo style. We couldn't get an appointment with the othropedic vet until mid-June but while at the regular vet they evalauted him and determined he tore his ACL. Great. There goes another chunk of change.

I kind of thought the whole idea of pet insurance was a bit of a scam, but now that I look back, it would have been totally worth it. I can't imagine not caring for my dog if something happened to him. I was at Bike Jam this past weekend and there were losts of people out with their dogs, which was kind of cruel considering the sweltering heat that day. I watched as one lady's dog basically gave up and thought was going to die or heat exhaustion. The poor dog which was probably 120lbs with a heavy coat of hair was lying limp in the field. I thought she was simply playing around with it but she was trying to roll it over and get it to stand up and get out of the sun. Fortunately she was able to get it to move.

The worst though are the people who own animals only to feel better about themselves. Earlier on in the day this older man comes walking through the park, paying no mind to the barriers blocking the course while there's a race going on, dragging his poor border collie by the neck. And when the dog wanted to stop for a break he yanks the leash so hard the dog skids along the grass. All a dog ever wants is to be your best friend and unfortunately some get stuck with people who need them around for thier own insecurities.

All Boulder wants to do is be your best friend and for that I'll gladly pay what ever it costs to make him better. Even if we do have to start calling him theMillion Dollar Dog.

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