Monday, December 18, 2006

'Cross nats - The Pile Up

Thanks BB for capturing my lowest point of the 'cross season on video. Sitting in the top 15 I got a bit cocky going through this section on lap 2 taking too high of a line and paid the price. It wasn't so bad that I dumped it, but somehow my chain dropped and got stuck under the chainguard, then to spite me it wrapped around itself several times for good measure. I ran to the pit as most of the field passes me.

The rest is just what the carnage of 140 or so guys trying to ride the course looks like

More to come...


Mike said...

Oh man!!

That's some awesome footage. I wish I had gone to Natz now! I know you guys definately had a blast. Hope to see you at my xmas party!


Chris said...


Did anyone yell obsenities at you? 8-)

That off-camber was slick!

Chris Harshman said...

I think I was too busy yelling obsenities at myself to hear anyone else.