Monday, September 11, 2006


So the past week or so has come and gone without a post. Not that we haven't done anything. Gina and I went out to Cleveland weekend before last for our brother-in-law Brian's surprise 50th birthday party. It was a good time, except for the 50 degree weather thanks to a hurricane rolling up the east coast to spoil an outside party. But the rain came and went and came and went several more times but in the end it was a good time. I realized as you get older all you have to look forward to are gag gifts, the best I thought was the 50 beer bottles wrapped in diapers from his brother-in-law Scott (there's a deeper story behind the diapers), we got him a membership to AARP. Not sure if we have any pics to post.

The birthday boy. He was actually surprised.

"I usually sniff this kind of stuff out, you know."

All last week I was on pins and needles, I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas. My new 'cross bike has yet to arrive, supposedly it was at the distributor in Nevada the week before but has yet to make that arduouis cross-country journey to Lancaster, PA to the shop where I ordered it. It's now less that two weeks until the first 'cross race and I have no bike! Plenty of parts to build it up though.

On the upside I did score my PowerTap last week. It came Friday night around 7:30 and it was on the bike within an hour. Gina went to the beach for the weekend so I was looking forward to riding with it Saturday with Bryan, the unofficial Power guru of Ellicott City. After our 3 1/2 ride all I realized was what a sadistic toy it is. Just one more way to watch your body suffer. Another 2 1/2 hours on Sunday confirmed it.

Gina got back Sunday just as I rolled in from the ride and we went into B-more to top off the weekend by watching the Yankees woop up on the Orioles. Always fun stuff.

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