Sunday, September 24, 2006

One Down, Now Let's Roll

Well, as much as I wasn't looking forward to today's first 'cross race of the season, it wasn't that bad. Compared to last season, it's a monumental improvement, considering I didn't finish. There were something like 88 starters, that's huge for a local race. There were only 86 in the 30-34 Masters race at nationals.

I squandered a front row start struggling to get used to the new pedals and hit the dirt about 10-12 deep. That was only topped by the pile up in front of me on the first off-camber grass section. After getting bikes untangled with the guy infront and a huge gap had opened. Overall I rode a solid race trying to just pace my effort and felt surprisingly good after finishing what was close to an hour race. What stung was coming around to start the 3rd lap and seeing the lap counter with 5 to go, the race was estimated only be 5 laps, oh well.

Next stop Gloucester, MA for the Crank Bros. series (hopefully).

Gina snapped alot of good photos...
Coming into the sand pits

Clean remount, the skills were on today, except for one slip taking an inside line too hot.

I felt especially good on the long runs, moving up and passing alot of riders.

Another clean remount coming out of the pits. This is just a cool photo, I like B&W.

The barriers, this was second to last lap. I passed these two shortly after this and never saw them again.

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