Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tired and Sore

Maybe this is the reason I have been racing like crap lately. I thought I was puting in good miles, getting the right intensity training, but my last two races have left me mistifed as to why I'm so flat. So, to compensate, or some may say overcompensate for this, I decide to adjust my weekly training regimen and mix it up a bit. Tuesday night, Davidsonville. Not a hard ride from a terrain profile perspective, but oh do the hammerheads come out. That was a wake up call to my legs, especially since I have PA State Championships this weekend. It was good, I had to really work at some points and push myself.

So, with my legs already scremaing for mercy, I decide to add insult to injury and hit the Greenbelt training ride last night. That's always fun, but riding with some of those people is like being in the mind of a schizophrenic. They are just insane and dangerous. Shear boredom with going around this fast, tight right hander 12 times at 10 mph led me to take off on the front for a couple of laps with Trey, who put in this incredibly kick ass pull up the hill to lead me out for the second go at the turn. In trying to conserve I sat up the rest of the ride, but it was a good night and the legs needed the wake up call.

Today is just another boring day. Working at home is cool,but sometimes it just sucks since you're all alone, except for the constant begging of the dogs to go out and play. Today they were pretty mellow. Looking forward to an easy night on the trainer and maybe some wine. Guess I should hit the store since I'm craving tuna.

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