Monday, August 08, 2005

More Tired, More Sore

Not that I don't like the morning, I think I just like it better asleep. Getting up at 5:30 three days in a row starts to hurt, especially when the third day is to get up and drive home from a hard weekend of racing. Did I mention something about over-compensating in my training this past week? Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The race this weekend was hard, but not that hard that I should have felt so flat. Ryan, Matt and Dan from LSV were there for the RR which always make racing somewhere outside of your local area a little more comfortable, seeing a freindly face in the pack. And if it's Ryan, watching him drop his water bottle at 25mph and hear a frenzy ensue in the back of the pack as everyone tries to dodge it.

We stayed at Gina's parents with the dogs and everything was going ok (with the exception of Riley's temper tantrums when we'd leave and he need to destroy something) until yesterday when Boulder decide he need to come outside to see what we were doing, through the screen door! He didn't go all the way through but Gina will be repairing said door next weekend.

Now we're home and the dogs are passed out. I need some coffee. Ciao.

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