Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Couple of Weeks

It's the end of May already, damn where did the month go?

Quick recap, lot's of racing, not very noteworthy though but worth a recap.

Smoketown Crit - my teammate Kyle and I got shut out of Wilmington so we headed to Lancaster to race around an airport tarmac. actually not as bad as it sounds. helped drive a early split in the field then had to take a lap for a mechanical but not before being sucked up and spit out the back of the second group so I had to restart with them. Kyle made the split so I didn't try to bring it back, a few attempts to bridge across with some other riders never worked out.

Bike Jam - A.K.A "the ghetto race". don't know why I keep going back. course sucks, the racing sucks and this year I met the biggest douchebag on two wheels. dude rolls into me and another rider trying to get through the fence to stage, he insists on riding and can't get clipped in. rolls up next to me at the first staging point and proceeds to fall all over himself again trying to get clipped in as we roll up to the start line. I ask him if could try no taking me down before the race. douchebag wants to meet in the parking lot afterwards, I ask him if it's so I can teach how to clip into his pedals. third time's a charm. as the whistle blows he can't clip in again, then out of no where he comes jamming up the road not paying attention to the right turn into the round about and almost takes out the two riders infront of me. rest of race spent wondering why guys spread out across the course but don't move up. sit about 20th the entire race wondering why I'm even out there then sit up for the sprint since the race was over before I even make it out of the chicane.

Dan Spencer RR in Bloomsburg - HEF2, Kyle and myself make a last minute decision to travel almost 3hrs to Bloomsburg, PA after Murad is postponed. Race profile has one significant hill which we preview in the car when we get there, doesn't look that bad. don't see the ball buster on the backside of the course. HEF2 a.k.a the Cannibal, kills me with his get there an hour before the race. to make things worse, we're getting seriously pissed on by the only storm cloud for 300 miles. soaking wet and getting cold the race starts, Kyle gets bored rides 50m off the front for 10min or so, gets reabsorbed. Make our way to the backside, some guy goes off and gets a 20sec gap. After ball buster climb I work with 3 other guys to help close the gap. get to the big hill and realize I'm really not that warmed up, rear wheel slipping on the wet road then I make a stupid Cat 5 mistake and let a small gap open up figuring I'll close it going over the top. legs start feeling even worse, gap gets bigger, realize I'm popped. TT the next half a lap before Kyle bridges up to me with another dropped rider. we drill it for the rest of the lap with Kyle and I doing the bulk of the work. up the big hill, lose Kyle and the dead weight, TT for another almost half lap before Kyle bridges up again, this time solo. he asks if I was trying to keep him from bridging and I tell him yes if he was planning on bringing the dead weight with him again. we drill the rest of the lap together and he punks me on the line, hopefully the other guy finished so I wasn't DFL.

Legs are getting better. Had the opportunity to put in some longer road rides and the fitness is defintely coming up. Crits are ok, but they don't do shit for your road racing form. Made a second trip in a week out to Frederick today with HEF. Today was much better than last week and yesterday's ride was much harder than the ride I did last week before heading up there. Couple more weeks to hone the form for Tour of Washington County. Need to break out the TT bike though and get that dialed in.

On the home front Maddy is growing so fast, not just physically. She pretty damn smart for a 17 month old and saying and doing things I would have never expected. She really taken to climbing. She can climb up into her high chair so we have to leave the tray on so she can't when we're not watching her. She also know how to stack things to make it easier to climb up onto something, the does this with the couch. She uses the Ottoman to get onto the couch. The other day she pulled a painting down on top of herself while on the couch then Tuesday at daycare she apparently fell off the couch and put a nice shiner on her forehead. We need to get this girl a helmet.

I just had a sudden craving for spaghetti and meatballs, is that becasue I'm watching the Giro d'Italia?