Saturday, February 28, 2009

Losing Focus

My goal for the season was racing either Nationals or Fitchburg in early July but now neither seems like it's going to happen, unless I want to be in some real hot water. That's pretty much left me without a training objective for the season, it's probably a good thing since I lost some fitness being down with a sinus infection but the past two weeks weren't very productive since Tradezone started up and I haven't been putting in the long rides on the weekend. Traedzone is fun, but not where my time should be spent right now, especially since I'm stuck trying to rework my schedule and find a new objective a bit later in the season to focus on.

My plan for today was to head out to Frederick for some hills but after realizing Jeff Cup and Walkersville, both 1/2/3 races, are right around the corner I decided on the Davidsonville ride this morning looking to get a hard, fast 3hrs in the legs. A lot of the hammers weren't there but the pace was still good and the ride hard, especially since I found myself on the front a lot. It also made me realize how jacked up my back is from my little fall last week. The last hour was horrible, it was difficult to pedal. This really sucks becasue I spent the last two years working out back issues and now here we go again. I just hope this is something that goesaway quickly.

With the need for more miles and a forecast of bad weather again tomorrow I'm going to skip TZ because the chance of doing both the A and the B races in wet weather is pretty low and one race just isn't enough.

I've had my fun, now it's time to refocus and not get caught up in this early season racing.