Monday, June 02, 2008

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Shit, another month has gone by. Not a single post, was May that uninteresting? Actually it wasn't, but I've found I have a lot less motivation to sit around and talk about what I did. Instead it's mostly hanging out with this chick.
I decided racing hasn't been going so great so I would go back to something I know I'm good at, drinking beer. A new liquor store opened up close by, it's been there a few months but I just haven't made it there until last weekend. It's called The Perfect Pour, more like, The Perfect 'Way to' Pour 'Money into the Economy'.
I figured while picking up mulch at Lowe's I might as well pick up some good beer. I'd heard the selection was good, but this was incredible. So many Beligians to choose from. You know it's a good day when you spend more at the liquor store than the home improvement store. I picked up an importer's mixed six and a six of singles. They also let you mix and match out of 6 and 4 packs.
I've only sampled the Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale so far but what an experience. A mix of old and new beer that smacks your senses with a pungent vinegar aroma well before it ever touches your lips. Once on the palate though, it's a very smooth and flavorful beer with an almost carbonated texture. I was in the kitchen when I heard Gina gag and knew she had just taken a sip, bravo for at least getting to her lips.

I guess the biggest news of the month was my final breakdown and submission to the purchase of a minivan. Yep, you heard right, a minivan. What an ordeal though, I so hate buying cars. We went to the dealer a few weekends ago to test drive after doing all of the research online and knowing exactly what we wanted. That's where we met Ben. Ben was severely hung over the day we went in and is probably still ruing that day he met us. Gina drove, I thought Ben was going to toss his cookies in the car as Gina immediately put the minivan to the 0-60 test.

When we went back to finalize the purchase, what should have taken less than hour turned into a three hour hair pulling, teeth grinding experience. All we (I) wanted was a tow package, for a hitch mounted bike rack of course. Basically, do not try to go outside the box, even if it is an "offered" feature from the manufacturer. This was the cause of much consternation between Ben and the service department. In the end, a tow package with no hitch mount, why call it a tow package then? Anyway, it was coming from out of state but Ben realized he entered the wrong color code, he then couldn't get the color we wanted so we went to our fallback, black. Finally, a week after actually buying the van, we picked it up Saturday.

Maybe I can find someone to get to look like this...

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