Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Tired Life

So I spent last week in Austin, TX for my work's annual sales rally. It's not so much a sales rally as it is an excuse to go drinking on the company dime, perks of working for a privately held company I guess. Ended up flying down on Monday which was great because the airport was empty but it sucked giving up a holiday to travel for work. I looked forward to this week in a way because I knew I could catch up on some sleep, granted I didn't go out at night and my roommate didn't snore, yeah we had to share rooms, kinda weird.

Monday night was good, worked out at the hotel gym and didn't try to find anyone else who had flown in early so I had no hit the sack early. Tuesday we didn't start until the afternoon so I found a Gold's gym a couple blocks from the Omni and got myself a 3 day pass, motivation to make an attempt at staying in shape while eating crappy food and drinking all week. I managed to go twice, not bad but I still felt like ass when I got home and on Sunday's ride my legs were flatter than a twenty year old gymnast.

The highlight of the week was Wednesday's outing to a bar in the Warehouse District called Cedar St. to see The Spazmatics. If you're ever in Austin on a Thursday night and want to flash back to one of those middle school dances, go see these guys. They cover all of the classic '80's songs like Devos' Whip It, The Buggle's Video Killed the Radio Star and Soft Cell's Tainted Love as well as other 80's bands like The Cure, Morrissey, and The Pixies. I didn't go out, but apparently the following night's band was another 80's cover band but more hair bands like Warrant and Guns 'n Roses, really upset I missed that one.

Last night I went to the Wizards game with some co-workers and one of our vendors. We started out at Fado's in Chinatown for drinks, Guiness was flowing too freely and I'm a bit sore in the head today. I'm not a big NBA fan, they need to clean up their contradicting thug-life, overpaid big f'ing crybaby, whinner act before they're worth my money. It was actually a good game though, a buzzer beating, game tying 3 pointer by Toronto to send the game into OT. The Wizards pulled it out for the W. Afterwards we caught up with some more people back at Fado's before finally heading home.

Today my new toy came.
I've been trying to pull the trigger on one of these for a while now and they just keep going above my pay grade but thanks to a down trodden economy, I was able to get one relatively cheap. Now I just need to sell the Power Tap to help smooth the rather large dent in my wallet.

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Chris said...

dang that some new-fangled baby toy? i think we need one too.