Monday, October 08, 2007

Operacion Alcoba de la Bebe: aka Operacion Destruccion

10 1/2 weeks. That's all the freedom I have left. The technician said she's never seen a baby stick its tongue out during an ultrasound, well here's your first. Time has been slipping by at a pretty good clip lately. We're well into October already, another two 'cross races have gone by and I still haven't raced but Granogue is less than two weeks away. May be my one and only 'cross race this year. I've been feeling good on the bike and was having a good practice last week until I rolled through a broken beer bottle and flatted a tubular practicing starts. I'll never buy Tufos again, just too much money for something that can't be repaired.

This weekend was Gina's baby shower so we came home Saturday with a car full of loot, too bad it's all for the baby. The gift from our friends Bill and Kyle was a hit, especially with Boulder. The dogs aren't quite sure what's going on, they know something is up and it's going to affect them they're just not sure what it is yet.

Today I started work on the baby's room, formerly the dogs room. Ripped up the carpet and tore out the drywall preparing to put up wood paneling.
They are definitely worried now that the door is closed and they're not allowed in there.

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Lej said...

he-he-he! Get ready my friend!