Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Friday night Gina and I packed up Special Sauce and rolled down to the double-wide at the beach. After a slight delay in getting on the road, we were wheels rolling at 8:30 and pulled into the park about 2hrs later. It used to be taking Rt.404 through Delaware was the back way to the beach, now it's being repaved and widened as everyone uses it instead of Rt.50. Time to find a new secret back way.

It was a typical weekend at the beach, the sunburn is finally subsiding. I took the bike with the intentions of riding both days but training was limited to 12oz curls of Dogfish Head Punkin ale and carbo loading at Cold Stone Creamery. We were even too lazy to take any pictures. Sunday did require an early morning trip to Cambridge to work the fall edition of the Church Creek Time Trial but we were done by lunch and back on the beach later that afternoon.

When we got home yesterday afternoon after sleeping in and doing a little shopping at the outlets, the dogs weren't even happy to see us. According to my mom, who watched them for the weekend, they missed us for about the time it took for the car to disappear out of the driveway Friday night.