Sunday, November 19, 2006


No way I'm ready to post a race report, just too blown physically and mentally. I do feel the need to send a few shout outs.

1. Promoters rock.

Regardless of how well a race is run or not run or how much the course doesn't suite your personal strenghts, be thankful there are people out there willing to take the time and effort to search out venues and put on races in the first place because without them we would just be dorks with expensive bikes and alot of really tight clothing, so quit your B-atching and race your bike.

Here are just a few you can say thank you too at some point in your illustrious cycling career: Tammy Ebersole, Tom MacDaniel and the DCCoD, Mike Hebe and Kris Auer.

2. Cycling Spouses.

Be thankful you've found someone willing to travel with you every weekend to bike races, or atleast support you as you travel without them, cheering you on out in the cold, wind, rain and snow while you ride your bike with your freinds through the mud. There ARE better things they could be doing.

Even though Gina couldn't make it this weekend to snap more awesome photos of us playing in the mud, I came home to a nice big pot of chili and some cornbread.

3. Anyone who supports cycling

Let's be realistic, we're not in Europe. Cycling in the US is below red headed step-child status in the world of sports here. First, we were blessed with a land owner willing to let us trash his property in the pursuit of a bike race this weekend. Then there are all of the other volunteers and supporters who help make things happen.

Special thanks to Suzy Gerlak, after Saturday's mudfest, she collected our muddy, sweaty kits and headed back to the hotel and not only washed them, but scrubbed them by hand first, clogging her own shower in the process.

4. Last but not least, the Racers

'Cross is unique in that both on and off the course everyone is a brother in arms. There's no other sport out there where as you're passing by someone on the opposite side of the course, they're cheering you on, even though you may be seconds from catching them. When was the last time someone said, "Hey man nice job, keep going" as you pass them in a road race?

Some of the good people: Chris Mayhew, Marc Vettori, Ethan Townsend, Chris Nystrom and the list goes on...


Chris said...

Great job this weekend and thanks for the company on the trip. Excellent racing and very good results both days.

The 'cross community is great at making the best of less than ideal circumstances and still having a blast...with minimal whining.

Seeing E-Town try to high five Mayhew mid-race while slogging through the mud is my image of the weekend!

Peter said...

Hey Chris,
I'm wondering if you are the Chris Harshman who spun the best House Music many many many years ago. If so hey it's Peter from Toronto ( if not I truly apologize for this unnecessary entry...