Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's February, Huh?

Wow, where have I been? Almost through the second month of the year already and I can't say I have done a single memorable thing yet. Outside of raising Maddy that is, which is plenty, it just doesn't make for interesting or noteworthy posts. It is fun to watch her change, even at 2 months to see her follow you with her eyes and turn her head when she hears your voice. Lately she's started working on her motor skills and hand-eye coordination and is reaching for things. She is also exploring more, wanting to taste things even though she can't quite put them in her mouth yet. She was all excited to be dressed up last week for Valentine's Day, although I staunchly disapprove of the Winnie the Pooh outfit, long story.

Things are getting a bit hectic around here though with Gina's time off coming to an end and our realization that even with me working from home most of the time, taking care of Maddy during the day by myself may not work out as planned. She hasn't quite learned to take a nap so she can get a bit fussy and inconsolable during the day. To add to the fun, Boulder had to have is other ACL repaired so he's all laid up as he's not suppose to be very mobile. He's weathering this one much better than the first though.

Amazingly, through all of this I've been able to train, enough so that I actually needed a rest week. Although I wasn't planning on racing much road this season, I'm kind of fired up to get out there. The leg/hip issues are getting better, can't seem to make up it's mind when it's going to rear it ugly head but it's definitely better than it was even a month ago.

Anyway, hopefully something exciting will happen between now and my birthday to post about, if not, don't look for a post until about March 17th.